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Introduction/About me


Hey everyone, YuzuJuice here.

I'm just your next door guy with a passion for doujinshi and translating. I've been lightly following the Touhou and doujin scene for quite a while now, and I thought about making use of my years of Japanese studies by opening a blog where I post about my various translations.


Even though I've been studying Japanese for several years and I've known English for most of my life, I don't have much experience actually doing full-fledged translations in English, so I'm relying on this experience to eventually reach a level where I'm comfortable translating at a steady pace. Don't worry though: in the meantime I'll make sure to have most of my translations checked by native speakers, so I can avoid weird-sounding sentences as much as possible.

I'll also be the one doing all the editing, and it's my first time doing it, but I've got some good friends who I'm grateful to for showing me the ropes and giving me tips.

Feel free to leave a comment anywhere or send me an email if you have something to say, be it criticism or a question or anything.

What should you expect on this blog: I'll mainly be uploading doujinshi manga translations from Japanese to English. If I feel like it, I might also upload other kinds of translations, such as songs' or games', but don't count too much on it.

Warning: There will be R18 material every now and then. Viewer discretion is advised. I'll be sure to flag the blog as Adult Content when I start uploading some.



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Ride on Time - Sull'Onda del Tempo

Titolo: Ride on Time (Sull'Onda del Tempo) Artista: Yamashita Tatsurō Anno: 1980 Genere: City Pop Traduzione in italiano della famosa canzone del genere City Pop di Yamashita Tatsurō. Il titolo "Ride on Time", in inglese anche originariamente, è stato tradotto stilisticamente con "Sull'Onda del Tempo". Anche altre espressioni simili come "Sulle Ali del Tempo" possono essere considerate valide. La traduzione è stata effettuata direttamente dall'originale giapponese, in occasione dei sottotitoli italiani della clip della VTuber Gawr Gura: 青い水平線を いま駆け抜けてく とぎすまされた 時の流れ感じて aoi suiheisen o ima kakenuketeku togisumasareta toki no nagare o kanjite Correndo per la linea blu dell'orizzonte Sento il limpido scorrere del tempo AH ときめきへと 動き出す世界は 忘れかけてた 遠い夢の訪れ AH tokimeki e to ugokidasu sekai wa wasurekaketeta tooi yume no otozure AH il mondo inizia a muoversi verso qualcosa di elettrizzante L'arrivo di un sogno lontano che stavo per dimenticare

×Micha Dame× | ×No Looking×

×Micha Dame× | ×No Looking× Title: ×Micha Dame× | ×No Looking× Artist: Percy Group: P.I.L... Translation: Yuzujuice Editing: Yuzujuice Commissioned by a friend. A vanilla R18 doujin featuring Yuno from Hidamari Sketch. Link: